Commitment To Community Awards

The Southfield Community Foundation's Commitment To Community awards program was founded in 1995 to honor those in our community whose lives and actions have made our community a better place in which to work and live. Each year we recognize an individual, a business and a nonprofit organization for their commitment to enhancing the quality of life in our community.

The design of the award itself is a representation of the Southfield Community Foundation's vision for the future. The people symbolize the entire community working together to create a foundation for our community's continued growth and excellence and the transparent glass signifies the absence of barriers and limitations in what can be accomplished in a society that celebrates diversity, creativity and philanthropy.

Award recipients have exemplified the best of our community. . . the people, the businesses, the nonprofit organizations that have demonstrated their commitment through the generous contributions of their time, talents and resources.

2002 Commitment To Community Awardees

The Hon. Donald F. Fracassi
Mayor of Southfield - 1972-2001

Southfield-Lathrup Optimist Club

Denso International America, Inc.

2001 Commitment To Community Awardees

Gene Taylor

Gene Taylor was a member of the Southfield Community Foundation Board of Directors until his untimely death this winter. He was producer and writer of the Dick Purtan show on 104.3 WOMC. Gene found his true calling through his personal commitment to helping others. He chose to spend his private time working to give others a hope, a vision or simply a meal. He was a philanthropist in every sense of the word, giving freely of his time, his many talents and his wealth to help others find their way.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 by William Booth, a Methodist minister, as a Christian mission center to attack social ills, including hunger, homelessness and poverty. The Army now serves local communities in over 100 countries. It's mission, in part, is to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Gene Taylor volunteered his time every Wednesday afternoon to drive the Bed and Bread Truck on its mission to provide meals for more than 500 people a day. We salute The Salvation Army for its continuing commitment to the needs of our community and the opportunities it provides for volunteers to make a difference.


Hudson's has always placed a special emphasis on supporting the communities that they serve. Nowhere is this more self-evident than in Southfield and metropolitan Detroit. As a corporation, they are committed to contributing 5% of their federally taxable income to philanthropic endeavors. Their current focus areas are in Child Abuse Prevention, Education Through the Arts, and Youth Self-Sufficiency.

While they are best known for their close involvement with Detroit's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Freedom Festival Fireworks and the DIA Fash Bash, Hudson's has also generously supported countless local agencies such as the Southfield Community Foundation's Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and their mission to make our community a better place for youth to grow and learn.

2000 Commitment To Community Awardees
  • Steven Horn - Recognizing a lifetime of work in corporate and community diversity.

  • The Pistons Palace Foundation - Celebrating the Foundation's leadership in revitalizing Detroit's Parks.

  • The Bartech Group -

1999 Commitment To Community Awardees
  • Frank M. Brock
  • Star Southfield Entertainment Centre
  • Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce

1998 Commitment To Community Awardees
  • Myer "Mike" Beresh
  • City of Southfield
  • Lear Corporation

1997 Commitment To Community Awardees
  • Chuck Stokes
  • Southfield Goodfellows
  • Providence Hospital

1996 Commitment To Community Awardees
  • Thomas Frommeyer
  • Rev. Dr. James R. Lyons
  • Florists Transworld Delivery

1995 Commitment To Community Awardees
  • Dr. Grenae Dudley
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
  • Thorn Apple Valley


  • Police Memorial Monument - City of Southfield - $5,350
  • Emergency Services Fund - City of Southfield - $4,000
  • Arthur Ashe Personal Development Program - Optimists - $3,800
  • Community Foundation Initiative - CMF - $300
  • Make A Difference Day - SPS - $400
  • Mayor's Scholarship - Raquel Stewart - $500
  • Volunteer Day - SPS - $500
  • Interact Club Student Leadership Conference - Rotory - $600
  • Mary Thompson Farm Signage - $1,950
  • YAC Youth Symposium on Diversity - $5,000
  • American Lung Association - KAT program - $5,350
  • YAC program expenses - $1,355.15
  • YAC Challenge Grant for September 11th Fund - $1,165.97
  • SCF Memorial Scholarship - Jeffrey Nusholtz - $500
  • Gene Taylor Memorial Scholarship - Akilah Jones - $1,000
  • Speak Out Oratorical Contest, 1st Prize - Jaclyn Wing - $1,000
  • Speak Out Oratorical Contest, 2nd Prize - Amelia Stephens - $500
  • Speak Out Oratorical Contest, 3rd Prize - Adrienne Waller - $250
  • Volunteer Impact - General Operations - $3,400
  • City of Southfield - Preservation Hall Jazz Band Concert - $1,000
  • Southfield Public Schools Mini-Grants
    • Academic Games - Kay Weisberg, Eisenhower - $600
    • Birney Robotic Team - Moore & Perry, Birney - $425
    • Early Intervention in Reading - Dickerson, Leonard - $700
    • Jason XIII Frozen Worlds - Hickey, Schoenhals - $600
    • Entry Level Careers for Special Ed. Students - Heichel, S-L - $547.72
    • Technology & Math Adventures - Flanigan, MacArthur - $600

2000 - 2001

  • Council of Michigan Foundations: Promotion of Philanthropy - $275
  • Southfield Human Services Department: Emergency Services Fund - $5,700
  • Southfield Public Schools: Peer Mentoring Program - $2,000
  • Birney Middle School: Birney Garden Club - $1,000
  • Japan Business Society of Detroit: General Operations - $200
  • Salvation Army: Bed and Bread Club - $1,000
  • Gene Taylor Memorial Scholarship: Adriana Lynette Davis - $500
  • Southfield Public Schools Special Education: Locker Art Project - $5,000
  • University Cancer Institute: Charlene Coursen Family Advised Fund In Memory of Mrs. Jay Alix - $100
  • SCF Memorial Scholarship: Eric Berg - $500
  • Council of Michigan Foundations: YAC Adventure Tours - $500
  • Southfield Community Foundation: 2001 Youth Diversity Symposium - $5,000
  • Southfield Lathrup Parents Organization: SL Senior Graduation Lock-In - $1,000
  • Southfield Public Schools: Southfield High Senior Lock-In - $1,000
  • Southfield Public Schools: Make A Difference Day - $1,000
  • Volunteer Impact: General Operations - $2,600
  • City of Southfield: Mary Thompson Farm House Signage - $1,600
  • Providence Hospital: YAC BCBS-MI Smoking Prevention Smoking Cessation Project - $15,000
  • Southfield Public Schools: HYHS Youth Resource Audit - $2,500
  • Southfield Public Schools: HYHS Peer Mediation Replication Project - $2,846.50
  • Southfield Public Schools: HYHS Parenting University - $5,000
  • Southfield Public Schools: Mini-Grants
    • Kids Teaching Kids Science - $413.47
    • Encyclopedia of Africe - $495
    • Arts Academy Support - $150
    • Orff Instruments - $400
    • Partners In Print - $600
    • Club Day - $600

1999 - 2000

1998 - 1999

1997 - 1998

  • Southfield Goodfellows
  • Millennium Theatre, Production of The Brementown Musicians
  • Lyric Chamber Ensemble, Summer Chamber Music Camp Scholarships
  • Volunteer Impact, Southfield Volunteer Expansion Program
  • Southfield Rotary, Make a Difference Day cleanup of Bauervic Woods Park
  • Southfield Symphony Orchestra
  • Road Warriors Basketball Team
  • Southfield Youth Services Summer School Educational & Rec. Academy
  • Southfield Human Services, Emergency Assistance Fund
  • The Jewish Ensemble Theatre, Production of Anne Frank & Me
  • Friends of the Ice Show, 1998 Southfield Ice Show
  • Citizen's Advisory Committee, Effective Black Parenting Series
  • The MLK, Jr. Holiday Taskforce, Peace Walk Celebration
  • City Centre Plaza
  • Southfield Jay Hawks Junior Football Club
  • Southfield Youth Services, Youth In Action Program

1996 - 1997

  • Southfield Human Services, Emergency Assistance Fund
  • Jewish Ensemble Theatre, Performance of Anne Frank at the Millennium
  • Southfield Symphony Orchestra
  • Oakland County Bar Association, Youth Law Conference
  • Citizen's Advisory Committee, Effective Black Parenting Program
  • Southfield Police Department, Teddy Bear Patrol
  • Southfield Road Warriors Basketball Team
  • National Council of Jewish Women, Space for Changing Families Program
  • Southfield Youth Services, Summer School Educational & Rec. Academy
  • Southfield Police Department, D.A.R.E. Program
  • Kenny Foundation, Disabilities Attitudes Program
  • Young Astronauts Program
  • Planned Parenthood of S.E. MI, Baby Think It Over Program
  • Southfield Youth Services, Southfield Youth In Action Program
  • Southfield Goodfellows
  • Southfield Jayhawks Junior Football Team
  • Oakland County Bar Association, Law Fair ‘97
  • City Centre Plaza

1995 -1996

  • City Centre Plaza
  • Southfield Youth Services, Summer Youth Project
  • The Settlement Center, Community Dispute Resolution
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., At-Risk Female Youth Mentoring Program
  • Commission on Senior Adults, Senior Appreciation Picnic and Concert
  • Southfield Jayhawks Junior Football Club
  • Providence Hospital Foundation, The Inst. For Craniofacial & Rec. Surgery
  • John Grace Little League
  • Southfield Youth Services, Mentoring Program
  • Lyric Chamber Ensemble, Family Concert Series
  • Southfield Senior Adult Center, SRO Productions
  • Parent - Youth Guidance Commission, Camp Scholarships
  • Southfield Symphony Orchestra



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