The Southfield Community Foundation is committed to enhancing the lives of those who work and live in Southfield and Lathrup Village. It accomplishes this through the support of initiatives and programs not traditionally funded by government. The Foundation accepts and administers gifts from many sources to help meet the changing needs of the community.

Foundation grants are directed by the Board of Directors with the assistance of community volunteers and staff. The Foundation currently awards approximately $50,000 annually in grants and scholarship awards. Grants range in size from approximately $500 to $5,000. Grants are ordinarily made for a period of one year.

In the distribution of its funds, the Southfield Community Foundation does not discriminate based on age, sex, color, religious affiliation, national origin, individuals with disabilities or the programs to be benefited.


The Foundation's priority is to fund grants and programs that have the potential for positive impact on the lives of people who work and live in Southfield and Lathrup Village. It focuses on projects not adequately served by existing community resources and in six particular areas of interest: Community Building, Youth Development, Senior Adults, Public Education, Arts & Culture and the Celebration of our Diversity.

Proposals which identify a problem, propose a well-defined solution to that problem and appropriately measure the effect of that solution are strongly encouraged. The Foundation believes that cooperative and collaborative efforts play an important role in community building. The Foundation also encourages those organizations submitting proposals to develop multiple sources of project support.

Community Building. A strong, thriving community is the product of many diverse activities. The Foundation seeks projects and programs that successfully encourage volunteerism, philanthropy, community pride and identity, civic responsibility, community appearance, and the development of environmental and recreational assets.

Youth Development. Our children are our future and are in need of positive role models, peer influences and energies channeled to appropriate activities to become productive adults. The Foundation supports providing constructive life choices through youth-directed educational, recreational and problem-solving activities and alternative choices that provide assistance for youth development.

Senior Adults. Southfield is blessed with a large senior adult community. The Foundation seeks projects and programs that address quality of life issues for seniors, especially emergency and crisis management programs through Southfield's Human Services Department.

Public Education. Educational opportunities and academic excellence are critical to the future of our youth. The Foundation funds proposals which promote special creative efforts, innovative academic programming and instructional excellence.

Arts & Culture. Cultural enrichment is one of life's fundamental cornerstones. To enhance quality of life, youth development, senior recreation and reflection, and business retention, the Foundation encourages efforts in dance, theater, concerts, symphonies, orchestras, music, lecture series, travel and hands-on classes that stimulate educational creativity and enjoyment of the performing and visual arts.

Celebration of Diversity. Perhaps Southfield's greatest strategic strength is that of the diversity of its human resources. The opportunity for personal and professional growth through exposure to multiple cultures, religions and generations is limited only by our willingness to explore. Southfield is a cosmopolitan center and an international city. The Foundation seeks projects and programs that celebrate our diversity and encourage human and corporate growth through the active exploration of our differences.


The Foundation does not generally fund grants for:

  • Operational, maintenance, or ongoing expenses
  • Programs or projects that duplicate existing services and/or programs
  • Sectarian or religious organizations, programs or activities
  • Individuals
  • Testimonial dinners, fund-raising events or advertising
  • Payments of loans, interest, taxes or debt retirement


Grant seekers are encouraged to call the Southfield Community Foundation (248-351-1320) to review the scope and appropriateness of their proposals before submitting a formal application. Grant requests to the Southfield Community Foundation must be submitted in writing. A one to two page letter is generally sufficient and should contain a brief overview of your organization and its mission, a description of the problem you are seeking to solve, the methods you will employ, and how you will know whether or not you succeeded. The following attachments must be included for your proposal to be considered:

  • A complete, detailed budget of the project for which the funds are
  • An audited copy of your last annual financial statement
  • A list of your current board of directors and/or governing board
  • Proof of tax-exempt status (usually your IRS tax exemption recognition

Grant requests and other correspondence should be sent to the address below.


Careful consideration is given to each grant request as it is received. Proposals are reviewed by the Foundation's Executive Director in terms of general eligibility and conformity to Foundation guidelines and fund availability. Proposals are then reviewed, as appropriate, by one of the Foundation's standing committees (Grant, SPS Education, Youth Advisory, or Executive Committee). Proposals that receive committee endorsement are then forwarded to the Foundation Board of Directors for final determination. The Foundation's Board of Directors meets approximately six times a year.

Grant seekers will be notified in writing of the final status of their request. If a grant has been approved, the recipient organization/group will enter into a Grant Agreement with the Foundation. This agreement fully explains the rights and responsibilities of the grantee, including, but not limited to the submission of a final report either verbally, in writing, or both, to the Foundation Board of Directors.




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