Roberto Warren - Music

As it has been with my other artistic pursuits, I have been fortunate to be able to work with and be acquainted with some outstanding artists in the Detroit music world.

If anyone has any doubt that Detroit is one of the music capitols of the world, I would say to them think again!

I also say to event promoters...look no further than your own backyard!


I am honored to know and to have worked with you all, (in no partucular order):

The Southfield Jazz Orchestra, The Downbeat Jazz Ensemble,Harold McKinney†, Ray McKinney†, Carlos McKinney, Jahra Michelle McKinney, Wendell Harrison, Marcus Belgrave, Michele Ramo, Roy Brooks†, Pamela Wise, Francisco Mora, Joe Haden, John Douglas, Akunda Hollis, Sunni Rowell, Mike Hollis, Larry Fratangelo, Miguel Gutierrez, Hubie Crawford, Rod Hicks, Eileen Orr, Marion Hayden, Regina Carter, Gayelynn McKinney, Jaribu Shahid, Tani Tabbal, Farouk Z. Bey, Erik Gustafson, Mick Dobday, Alex Trajano, Keith Malinowski, Brent Bacher, Norman Hume, Tony Drake, Jeff Free, Phil Hale, Greg Cook, Damon Warmack, Kerry Lacy, Wade Gaiters, Charles Smith, Ron Allen, Torrence Carey, Djallo Djakate, Duminie DePorres, Brian Pastoria, Mark Pastoria, Jimmy Romeo, Mike Romeo, Joey Bowen, Doug Kahan, Graham Strachan, Chris McCall, Clint Anderson, Skeeto, Kerry Gluckman, John Karpslis, Joe Cunningham, John Slitti, Bob Tye, Raquel Salasay, Gordon, Jake, Ruby Woods, Mikhail Caldwell, Andrew Daniels, Sean Blackman, John Arnold, Jean Agopian, Marie Durant, Garialan Bluegraye, La Patri, Alan Franklin, Ralph Franklin, Peggy King, Mel Rosas, Jody Carlson, Sylvia Inwood, Stephen Goodfellow, Ralph Koziarski, George Kerby, Rob Abate, Leonard Johnson, Gerard Evans, Ken Scott, Rick Beamon, Trent Mitchell, Mike Kudrieko, Duane Huff, John Cottos, Jody Carlson, John Green, Bill Hogdson†, Kas, DL Turner, Kamasi†, Nancy Ruth Holtzman, Flash Haggerty, Bruce Schafer, Jim Bradlin, Keith Buchannan, Maria Del Carmen†, Dave Opatik†, Ras Kente, Mike Demay, Lorenzo "Spoons" Brown, Mark Passman, Paul Randolph, and all the rest of you. Some I can't remember right now, (getting old you know) but as the names pop into my head, you will be added, first and last name.

† = deceased

BANDS   leader worked with

Performance, Life On Earth, Signs Of Life, The Southfield Jazz Orchestra, Downbeat Jazz Ensemble, Tritium Blue, The Innocent Bystanders, Spanking Bozo, Blue Dog, DC Drive, Jazzhead, Fire Rose, Jean Agopian, The Layabouts, Pamela Wise and the Latin All-Stars, Francisco Mora, Jo-Nab, Waka Jawaka, Jody Carlson, Blackman and Arnold, The Sun Messengers, Ralph Koziarski, Mike Demay, Mudpuppy, The Ghost Band


While most gigs are memorable, for one reason or another, I'll list these in my top 10:

-Harold McKinney, Ray McKinney, and Tani Tabbal "schooling" me at Pullums Place (whew!)
-Opening in the Forum Ampitheatre in Toronto for Richard Marx with DC Drive

-Doing the Detroit Music Awards with DC Drive

-Doing the Montreux Jazz Festival with Jazzhead
-All 10 Dally In The Alley performances
-Playing the Concert of Colors with The Layabouts
-Phil Hale's CD Release Party
-Trent Mitchell's "Best For The Best" benefit at Music Menu
-"Performance" playing at the newly-opened Phoenix Plaza in 1990

-Playing cajon on a Flamenco gig with Garialan Bluegraye on guitar and Dame Maria Del Carmen playing castanets. Dame Maria was well know as a "maestra" of Flamenco rhythm. Perfect time and knowledge at any speed. One night the three of us were locked in a "Buleria" that she was driving with the castanets. I could feel the connection from her.
She paid me the ultimte compliment...that I knew my cajon technique.
-Jazzhead playing "Hava Nagila" at a wedding gig
-For 3 weeks straight, a fight breaking out the minute DC Drive would play J. Geils


The Meastro - Jean Agopian

Dancers at the Cass Corridor
Community Concert Series


Flamenco Genius Garialan Bluegraye

Bassman Gordon Spencer from
Brothes From Another Planet
- one of the best in the business

L to R: Garialan, La Patri, Marie Durant,
Jean Agopian.
The heart of Flamenco in Detroit

A good moment at Cass Cafe w/Jazzhead

The Dally in the Alley w/The Layabouts

Sunni and I go back to 1972

In rehearsal with the Jody Carlson Band

In the zone with Jazzhead at the Music Menu

La Maestra
Maria Del Carmen†

Marie Durant

With DC Drive-Adrenalin
Signs of Life at Michigan State - 1990